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RoboVac | Wet and Dry

Price: $69.70 / each

This robot vacuum is capable of both wet and dry cleaning, making it a versatile option for a variety of settings including hotels, garages, commercial spaces, and households. With a powerful suction of over 2499Pa and a maximum runtime of over 180 minutes, it is able to effectively clean large areas. The vacuum is app-controlled, allowing you to easily operate it from your smartphone. It features a hot water cleaning mop and a large 6400mAh battery capacity, as well as a 3L dustbin.

The vacuum uses LDS SLAM navigation and is able to clean for around 180 minutes on a single charge. It is suitable for cleaning home hard floors, and features 60 Celsius hot air drying to keep your floors clean and dry.

This is a One-Time Purchase, see Terms & Conditions here.

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RoboVac | Wet and Dry
$ 69.70
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RoboVac | Dry
$ 69.55
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